a little sunshine on a cloudy day…

I’ve been saving “Cloud Accessory” for January’s photo shoot at the Humane Society Broward County for almost a year.  The 3-dimentional piece was created with upcycled plastic bags that I fused, using an iron as well as a heat gun.  The plastic “material” was then cut, machine stitched, and stuffed with fiberfill.  Each of the pompoms were handmade and dyed with cotton yarn.  I loved creating this installation so much…  It was also used as a  backdrop for a kids fashion shoot “Rainbow Connection” for Babiekins Magazine (Digital Issue 16)   If you haven’t been following my collaborations with the Humane Society Broward County, here’s the gist of it…  Once a month I create a backdrop to photograph the dogs, cats and even bunnies that are in need of finding their forever homes.  The backdrops are my art or a styled vignette.  I sometimes create pieces for the particular shoot or I reuse some of the props and installations from different photo shoots.  This last photo shoot at HSBC was a bit crazy…  I will give you a run down of how the photo shoot unfolded.  I usually work with two other volunteers, they take turns getting the dogs or cats out of the their cages, then they usually have a short walk and potty break outside.  Well… It was cold and rainy so most of the dogs did not want to go outside 😮        So when they got into the tiny studio, lets just say the rain cloud turned into a “tornado”…lol..!  I was still able to get some GREAT photos though..  Please contact the Humane Society if you are interested in adopting. Their names & id numbers are under each photo.  A


Dee Dee #545545


Roscoe #541973


Forest #543186


Jada #544561


Ruby #545627


Kandy #544459


Nancy #518458



Molly #545510


Gorgeous (yep, she sure is!) #269995


Molley #519087


Tilly #541810


Riley #539591


Coco #543349


Bea #545626


Link #545800


Maggie #545718


Marley #545764


Dorey #543354


Rosiee #543187


  • Sandi Pelott says:

    I used to live in Broward County. I adopted a Sato dog from there about 18 years ago. She was an amazing dog! She was also the first shelter dog I ever had. I live in Wisconsin now and have my fourth shelter dog, the others having gone on to doggie heaven. They were all wonderful dogs and I still miss them terribly. I follow BCHS because of having lived in Florida and because of Chica. I just love your pictures! They are very creative and show the animals in a good, positive way. If I could, I’d take them all! (I had three at one point). Theses guys need advocates like you, Keep up the great work. I look forward to your next pictures.

    • Alissa Alfonso says:

      Thank you so much Sandi… This photography project holds a special place in my heart! best regards A

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