Blankets with Personality

When I first had kids, I was inspired to create a unique blanket. After receiving many different blankets at my baby shower, I wanted something a bit more “hip.” Don’t get me wrong, sweet teddy bears and yellow duckies are okay for most people. When I looked down at my sweet new babe however, I wanted his blanket to reflect my personality and what I love!

Typically when shopping for a baby blanket, people go towards gender-specific themes and colors. But the blankets I create are usually constructed with vintage fabrics and sheets, and sometimes I throw in new novelty prints for added character. When designing, unless I have a specific request from a client, I like to create gender-neutral themes and colors. For example, I might use blue and green floral, red and tan insects, black and white, multicolored florals, or multicolored stripes.

_DSC2612 _DSC2618

The stroller blanket pictured below is a gift for a baby girl. It is entirely constructed with vintage floral fabrics. The pre-school blanket pictured is a custom design for a client. She ordered a stroller blanket when her niece was born a couple years ago to match the baby girls’ nursery color theme. Then my client called me again to make a larger one for her niece now starting pre-school! It was constructed with new and vintage fabrics, and even a couple vintage hankies.

_DSC2611  _DSC2592

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