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I’m so excited to be participating again this year in the The Salvation Army of Broward County’s Red Shield ReDesign bash.  The event calls for professional & amateur “ReDesigners” from the community to submit before and after pictures of their thrift store, yard sale or Granny’s attic pieces.  The design challenge basically... buy Phenytoin 100mg

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If you were teenager in the 1980’s, then you know what I mean when I say… “They’re Heeere!!!…..”  I absolutely loved the movie Poltergeist.  It was such a horrifying movie!  The cherubic little daughter communicates with spirits living inside your TV set, your backyard becomes a swimming pool of muddy... where to buy cheap Phenytoin

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I’m so excited to FINALLY  be able to post these pictures…  Last spring I collaborated with Shaina (Shaina Leigh Photography) in hopes of having our work published.  My fused plastic cloud installation was one of the inspirations behind the editorial in the current digital issue of Babiekins Magazine (Digital Issue... buy Phenytoin australia

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Usually this time of year I have baked a ton of apple desserts and put on a pound or two :0  This past month has been completely out of the norm for me, I’m usually busy with everything indian summer and preparing for Halloween.  But family duty calls… My parents are moving... order Phenytoin online

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  California vibes…. and looking “Lovely Rita” in this mini dress I deconstructed from an upcycled Beatles T- shirt.    The perfect blend of upcycled and vintage while referencing a rock n roll spirit and a bit of folk aesthetic.   This entire look makes me want to pack my... buy canadian Phenytoin

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…this summer’s vacation has a little something for everyone. This thrifter/garage sale’rs dream has come true… I’m in Big South Fork National River and recreation Area in Jamestown Tennessee at the 127 Mile Yard Sale.  Yes… You heard me right.. Here’s a bit of just how insane this is..  The 127... how to order Phenytoin

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The faint smell of jasmine flower lingers on the ocean breeze that reaches the front yard of my house, that doesn’t happen very often in the middle of summer, it smells like my Mema’s scarves… I created these  two dresses from vintage silk scarves, they are silky and soft and... buy Phenytoin online cheap

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    I’ve been sharing lots of dog, cat & even bunny posts lately… It’s because I’ve started a monthly collaboration that has organically unfolded with the help of my incrediblely generous friend.  I dream up a styled backdrop or vignette using my artwork & creations for the sole purpose to... buy cheap Phenytoin online

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Forth of July is not a holiday I usually celebrate, not because I’m anti-American, it’s because it’s my Birthday…  When I was a kid, the adults in my life always told me that all the fireworks & parties were just for me, “MY” Birthday celebration!!  I really believed that until... cheap generic Phenytoin

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Here is a little follow up to the styled shoot with the Humane Society.  I’m super happy and pleased to tell you that 5 animals were adopted.  Here are a couple shots with bio’s (some of the bio’s may not be entirely accurate:) of a few more animals looking for... cheap Phenytoin

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One of my all time FAVORITE textile artist/designer is Vera Neumann.  Mention vintage scarves and the name “Vera” immediately comes to mind.  Her life, prints, pattens and designs have inspired me tremendously throughout the years. Here is the last look I created for Courtney Studios bff photo shoot…  The floral... Phenytoin amex

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It’s so amazing when a project comes to life.  I would like to take credit for such a wonderful collaboration, but the truth be told… my friend Manon Boulanger Wiese dreamed up this wonderful idea.  It all started with a conversation about reusing some of the props and art installations... Phenytoin without a prescription

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 Yesterday… our motley crew of summer vacationers took a 4 hour canoe trip down the  crystal clear waters of the Weeki Wachee River.  What an incredible day trip… We packed a lunch and reported to the Kayak Shack bright and early.  We ( 16 kids, 5 moms, 1 dad ) were loaded... how to order Phenytoin online

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…growing up in south Florida and I just can’t believe that I have never been to Weeki Wachee Springs… If you have never been, it is such a fun one day adventure. Our summer road trip has doubled in size. We are now 3 moms with 15 kids. Get there... buy Phenytoin cheap

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  I’m blogging from my first road trip this summer.  I’m feeling so tech savvy!  Every year the moms hit the road for a week or so… 7 kids ranging from 5-14 in age… It’s usually crazy, to say the least! Now… The real reason I’m posting today is I’m... where can you buy Phenytoin

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…my style has evolved from living in south Florida all my life.  Our summer season is much longer then most states, and when it starts to heat up you want to dress to keep cool and be styling.     here’s the run down on this look.. The skirt was constructed... Phenytoin 100mg tablets

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I’ve been super busy juggling projects and getting prepared for Off the Canvas LIVE! that takes place next week on May 8th.  It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but my neighbors sweet boy is turning the “big 1” and asked if I would create something special for the big day….... buy Phenytoin in bulk

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When my friends at Paradox Design Studio asked me to create a baby gift for one of their clients expecting a baby boy, I jumped at the chance! The clients, the owners of Unearthed Vintage, are also special to me because we share a love of all things vintage. I... buy cheap Phenytoin

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Last year I made these soft sculpture lollipop hearts for a Valentine’s Day shoot with Courtney Studios. I actually created the hearts as decorative pieces for my front window in my house a couple years ago. I envisioned the soft sculptured hearts floating or raining from the sky. Courtney just... buy brand name Phenytoin online