Bottle Cap Butterfly Art

During the restoration of my 1937 Art Deco home in east Hollywood in the summer of 2011, we temporarily lived in Miami Shores in the family home I grew up in. School was out and we needed a project! And tons of leftover bottle caps proved to be the perfect ingredient for a fun summer project we could all do together. Where did we get all these bottle caps? Let me explain.

During the school year students collected bottle caps for a planned interactive art installation using upcycled bottle caps at our annual Off the Canvas LIVE! art event. We collected thousands of caps that were color sorted prior to the event. Students took turns drilling the bottle caps onto the painted 8′ x 12′ mural. The seascape bottle cap collage was inspired by the work of artist Michelle Stitzlein. This mural currently hangs in the main hallway at Beachside Montessori Village.

Another way the bottle caps were repurposed was an Off the Canvas project called “Bottle Cap Kandinsky” for my son Ash’s K/1 class. The students each created a bottle cap collage in Kandinsky’s circles style. You can read more about Off the Canvas program.


Even after all that, we still had so many bottle caps left that I ended up taking home a bunch. I just couldn’t part with them! And that’s how Goldie’s butterfly collage came to be! My mom, kids and I worked on it all summer in my mom’s garage. When we moved into our newly restored home it was the first piece of art I hung on her wall.


If you would like to learn more about Michelle Stitzlein and her work, she wrote the sweetest book called Bottlecap Little Bottlecap, that I highly recommend.

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