Bring Backpacks to Life

I love for my kids to have unique things. So every year I embellish their backpacks using vintage patches or souvenirs we’ve collected from our summer travels. I started this tradition with my oldest son 10 years ago, and have continued with each of my kids since then.

The boys’ backpacks were purchased last year when I caught a sale at Urban Outfitters. The packs are made by Herschel Supply Co. and are very well-constructed and durable. We decided to use them again this year, but adding new patches brings an old pack back to life!




Goldie’s backpack was purchased new at The Container Store. She designed it herself with a mixture of new and vintage patches that I’ve been collecting for years. I also sewed on an extra pocket for her to attach her collection of vintage Girl Scout pins. I love the idea of letting my kids be creative and adding their personality to everyday pieces!


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