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I’m super excited to let you know about this Sunday’s first annual Sailboat Bend Art’s Festival.  I will be there with @squatterpopup… The festival is in conjunction with the 1310 Gallery and Artist Lofts in Sail Boat Bend Ft. Lauderdale.  There will be indoor working artist studios to explore as well... buy cheap viagra online with prescription

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What the heck is Squatter, You ask… Well, “@SquatterPopUp” is a curated mobile Art Gallery space.  Artists, Craftspeople and Art Installations as solo or a group will exhibit their artwork using a mobile platform.  Squatter started as an idea for a pop-up art exhibit in my hometown of Hollywood Florida… Hoping... buy Phenytoin 100mg

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This is the first year we participated in Trash 2 Art. I was so excited for Goldie to take part in the exhibition. This event fosters upcycling and recycling: creating art and crafts from discarded items. It’s such an important life lesson I try to instil in all my kids... where to buy cheap Phenytoin