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…my style has evolved from living in south Florida all my life.  Our summer season is much longer then most states, and when it starts to heat up you want to dress to keep cool and be styling.     here’s the run down on this look.. The skirt was constructed... buy Phenytoin 100mg

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I’ve been super busy juggling projects and getting prepared for Off the Canvas LIVE! that takes place next week on May 8th.  It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but my neighbors sweet boy is turning the “big 1” and asked if I would create something special for the big day….... where to buy cheap Phenytoin

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When my friends at Paradox Design Studio asked me to create a baby gift for one of their clients expecting a baby boy, I jumped at the chance! The clients, the owners of Unearthed Vintage, are also special to me because we share a love of all things vintage. I... buy Phenytoin australia

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Finding something special that’s been outgrown, handed down, thrifted, bought at a garage sale, or just taken from a dumpster makes me so happy! All of these pieces are made using upcycled or repurposed fabrics and items. I love how we can create art while doing our part to help... order Phenytoin online

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When I first had kids, I was inspired to create a unique blanket. After receiving many different blankets at my baby shower, I wanted something a bit more “hip.” Don’t get me wrong, sweet teddy bears and yellow duckies are okay for most people. When I looked down at my... buy canadian Phenytoin

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Ten years ago, when my son was 3, I had an idea to create a pair of pants that would be easy for him to maneuver by himself at school or when dressing himself at home. And so our wide leg pant was born! I used to also call them... how to order Phenytoin

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  Vintage fivestitches….. I think these pictures were taken 10 years ago… AND I’m still lov’in the rainbows…              Hand dyed fabric collaged T     w/rainbow & pot of gold vintage conductor hat  (model @aubreyrion)                handmade vintage... buy Phenytoin online cheap

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In 2013, i took my first selfie… i dont do very often, but these 2 are my favorites!   This is one of my favorite images from my smashed series of  photos…  It was taken after 4th of July!           “Goldie’s Bed”…. here are a couple shots... buy cheap Phenytoin online

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Vintage japanese chalkware shelf sitter w/air fern collected from my  recent camping trip to Glades County Florida… Nautical piece of rod iron that was once the screen door insert in my 1937 deco house… Air Fern Baobab tree… Framed in vintage sandblasted pecky cypress wood          ... cheap generic Phenytoin

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more sneak peeks of STITCHROCK goods… fivestitches stroller blankets for the babes!! fivestitches stroller blankets are a marriage of funky new and vintage old fabrics… super soft, super cool for smokin hot climates… babes and mamas love’m!                        

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Stitchrock…   is just a couple weeks away….   October 5th 12noon-6pm Old School Square -vintage  gymnasium  in  Delray Bch     Here is a sneak peek of a fivestitches skirt, it is a marriage of new & vintage fabrics… I will be offering it at  STITCHROCK  in sizes 2-4-6 (larger sizes are upon... buy Phenytoin online without prescription

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As a mom to a 3 year old, sometimes you just gotta let things go!  While Goldie was dressing for this impromtu photo shoot, she put her “HAPPY DAY’S” belt on herself and I did not realize until editing that she put it on upside down!   Goldie’s “sweet threads”... order Phenytoin canada