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I have so much fun decorating for the holidays! I love unpacking my collections, old handmade decorations, and past projects the kids have made. Some of my favorite collections I put out during this season are my vintage ceramic Christmas trees. I’ve been collecting them for many years. Most of... buy cheap viagra online with prescription

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Sharing some more of my favorites from my kitchen this October! Earlier this month, I shared some really delicious treats like my Applesauce Cake and Dark Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Below: Goat Cheese Pasta with roasted pumpkin, shallots, and cauliflower with my favorite fall inspired table cloth and napkin by Vera.  The dish... buy Phenytoin 100mg

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October is a month full of spiders! Last week in our first Off The Canvas project of the year, we made spider webs! The kids and I made a quick halloween project at home. I also recreated the front window (More spiders! Can’t wait to share that soon!). All you... where to buy cheap Phenytoin

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Whenever I have downtime, often in between gallery showings or art shows, I like to style the art I create in my home. This allows me to enjoy the functional aspect of each piece as well as the aesthetics! Recently I shared my Living Room with you all and I wanted to... buy Phenytoin australia

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I love decorating my picture window to reflect the current holiday or season. These recycled plastic bag pom-poms were installed late spring in conjunction with Off the Canvas LIVE! During the event, attendees created these with the intention of bringing social awareness to the consumption of plastic we use on... cheapest place to buy Phenytoin

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To me, creating a comfortable and inviting space means so much more than just decorating. Every piece in the room matters. I recently rearranged this area in the living room of my 1937 Art Deco home. I wanted to create a space where anyone would feel comfortable to plop down... order Phenytoin online