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You wouldn’t think of getting your nails done as art… But you will now! Artist Rosemarie Romero of Porn Nail$™ is an interactive installation & performance project that functions as a mobile queer-feminist nail salon. Employing tropi-camp performances and latina kitsch, She create humorous social encounters and cultural exchanges that... buy cheap viagra online with prescription

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Here’s a quick recap & after pics of the “Pinta Mi Cuna” collaboration with Give Wink & Babyhome I had approx. 7 weeks to “recreate the crib” according to my vision/style. The cradles will then be exhibited and auctioned in an effort to raise funds for TECHO during Art Basel... buy Phenytoin 100mg

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When curating each event, I try to keep my attention on something for everyone.  When thinking about “everyone” there’s that hard to reach pre-teen & teen crowd that doesn’t necessarily want to be dragged out to an Artisan & Flea on a Saturday night, BUT… if your family is like... where to buy cheap Phenytoin

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Pulling out the Halloween box this year has lost some of its anticipation, my boys appreciate the Halloween styled throughout the house, but they no longer get down and dirty decorating with me. Goldie is a different story, she had me take down the Halloween stuff two weeks ago!  We... buy Phenytoin australia

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I’m gearing up again for another Squatter event at one of my favorite hidden gems in east Hollywood.  Squatter’s event Eastside Handmade was such a huge success.  The support from the Hollywood community inspired me to bring an Artist & Flea event to the hood…  When you enter the winding... cheapest place to buy Phenytoin

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When the peeps from Give Wink, the super hip baby & kid everything store in Aventura Fl contacted me about recreating this baby cot, I was hooked!   The baby cot is a highly designed travel cot, it was super easy to assemble, and this is coming from a mom... order Phenytoin online

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June’s Photo shoot all stemmed from plastic bags…. Fusing plastic creates a material that is easiely transformed into whatever you fancy. I fuse plastic by layering plastic between parchment paper and ironing till melted. I mix the plastic similar to the paint, layering colors and decals, labels, designs and words.... buy canadian Phenytoin

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Sunday was a beautiful day… The first annual Sailboat Arts Festival was a success.  There was a great turn out, and so much good art!  Here’s some pictures of @squatterpopup in nautical style, and a link to squatters’s featured paper collage artist Peter Matcau  New squatter dates coming soon…

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Yesterday was my March photo shoot at the Humane Society of Broward County .  It all began with two vintage curtain panels I thrifted from a local Hollywood thrift shop.  I hate to brag, but I scored about 30 yards of mint condition floral fabric from the mid-sixties.  The curtains we’re... can i buy Phenytoin over the counter in spain

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 I spent part of the day yesterday at Children’s Harbor creating a fabric collage with some of the girls.  Bringing art to these young ladies is such a rewarding experience.  When I arrived with all the materials to make the collage, I think they thought I was nuts… Working in a... buy Phenytoin online uk

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Today was a beautiful winter day… It actually looked & felt like Fall outside.  I know it doesn’t look like it, but Goldie stayed home from school because she was “sick”.  I don’t advocate playing hooky from school, but spending the day with her was so refreshing and creative having... generic Phenytoin no prescription

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I’ve been saving “Cloud Accessory” for January’s photo shoot at the Humane Society Broward County for almost a year.  The 3-dimentional piece was created with upcycled plastic bags that I fused, using an iron as well as a heat gun.  The plastic “material” was then cut, machine stitched, and stuffed... can you buy Phenytoin over the counter in uk

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It might be far-fetched to think that the embroiderer patches my Mom put on everything I owned as a kid would shape the adult I am today, but it’s impossible to deny the emotional sway the patches of my youth still have over me.  Embroidered patches are little pieces of... no prescription Phenytoin

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“Deco Dreams”  seems like yesterday!  But it was actually shot last spring here at my house.  The collaboration took months of planning, designing, making and months of waiting for the editorial to be picked up by a publication.  These gorgeous  photos were taken by Shaina Leigh Photography .  The models were... buy Phenytoin online without prescription

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December’s styled photo shoot at Humane Society of Broward County was for the stars…  I created fused plastic stars with upcycled plastic bags, a couple of them I stuffed with battery operated lights.  The photo studio that I photograph the animals in at the Humane Society is a tiny room,... order Phenytoin canada

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I’ve always had a thing for the American Southwest. I’m drawn to its bold colors and its rugged beauty.  My November mantel is pure southwest inspiration.  A collection of handmade paper Teepee’s that my kids have created throughout the years, and a few that I made for samples for an upcoming... where to buy over the counter Phenytoin

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                                  Bahia Honda “recycled clouds” I begin with an inspired moment.  A moment in time that becomes imprinted on my soul.  I’ve been working on this collage series every now and then, mostly when... buy brand name Phenytoin

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I’m so excited to be participating again this year in the The Salvation Army of Broward County’s Red Shield ReDesign bash.  The event calls for professional & amateur “ReDesigners” from the community to submit before and after pictures of their thrift store, yard sale or Granny’s attic pieces.  The design challenge basically... can i buy Phenytoin at gnc

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I’m so excited to FINALLY  be able to post these pictures…  Last spring I collaborated with Shaina (Shaina Leigh Photography) in hopes of having our work published.  My fused plastic cloud installation was one of the inspirations behind the editorial in the current digital issue of Babiekins Magazine (Digital Issue... purchase Phenytoin

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Here they ALL are… 18 dogs & 5 cats, I really did try to just post a couple pictures of the “cute” ones… But when I started editing them, it was impossible.  Let me start with how the theme for “bags packed and ready to go..” came about.  I’ve mentioned... can you buy Phenytoin over the counter

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  California vibes…. and looking “Lovely Rita” in this mini dress I deconstructed from an upcycled Beatles T- shirt.    The perfect blend of upcycled and vintage while referencing a rock n roll spirit and a bit of folk aesthetic.   This entire look makes me want to pack my... buy Phenytoin cheap without prescription