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Hollywood, FL – Alissa Alfonso and SquatterPopUp are pleased to present, Eastside Artisan & Flea, a curated outdoor pop-up market featuring local artisans, upcycled, vintage, live music, food, and drinks in a local vintage setting. This “can’t miss art & flea event” takes place November 5th from 6-10pm at The... buy cheap viagra online with prescription

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I’m gearing up again for another Squatter event at one of my favorite hidden gems in east Hollywood.  Squatter’s event Eastside Handmade was such a huge success.  The support from the Hollywood community inspired me to bring an Artist & Flea event to the hood…  When you enter the winding... buy Phenytoin 100mg

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Miami’s freshest and most affordable art fair takes its philosophy on the road with info sessions in the Big Apple and abroad in Mexico City plus a 2016 teaser highlighting some of the top-notch talent you’ll see at this year’s Superfine! during Miami Art Week. Work from past series by... where to buy cheap Phenytoin