(sneak-peek) Interactive/Digital Artist @wolfofvictoria (ALL YOU..video game junkies, old school or new, make sure you check out WOTAN at Eastside Artisan & Flea

When curating each event, I try to keep my attention on something for everyone.  When thinking about “everyone” there’s that hard to reach pre-teen & teen crowd that doesn’t necessarily want to be dragged out to an Artisan & Flea on a Saturday night, BUT… if your family is like mine (My husband is a glorified old school, scifi, comic book, computer geek, and therefore, so are my kids :0)  I have a treat in store for you at Eastside Artisan & Flea!!!!  I’m super excited to introduce Samuel Lopez De Victoria.  Sam is a interactive/digital Artist with a Masters Fine Arts in the study of Art and Technology.  He is the mastermind behind WOTAN video game…Wotan has a really unique hand drawn comic book art style, that mixes in old-school 2D drawing techniques with anthropomorphic characters.  It is such an interesting fusion between a visual novel and a fighting game, inspired by modern adventure games and Norse mythology.  Event goers will have the opportunity to test out WOTAN during the event once it gets dark.  You can also purchase hand silk screened t-shirts with WONTAN’s characters or game logo, as well as ask the artist questions about his video creation & creative process.   MOM & DAD’s tell the kids!!  AND… all you video game junkies, old school or new make sure you check out WOTAN at Eastside Artisan & Flea…. A

Here are a couple links about Sam, Press and WOTAN,  check it out so you are ready to start gaming when the sun sets on 11/5

Artist Website: http://wolfofvictoria.com

Video reel of work: https://wolfofvictoria.itch.io/yggdrasil

Illustrations: https://www.flickr.com/photos/142341738@N02/

Wotan Links:

Kickstarter (ended) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/331639518/wotan-a-beat-em-up-where-choices-matter?ref=project_link

Wotan Press Links:



Wotan: Sidescroller Beat’em up Starts Kickstarter Campaign

Wotan and Shakespearean Norse Mythology

Howler Links:

Mac/PC Download:https://wolfofvictoria.itch.io/-howler-

iPhone/iPad Download:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/howler/id1044877842?mt=8

Howler Press Links:https://killscreen.com/articles/_howler_-improves-fortune-tellers-adding-psychedelic/







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