Fairy Tail Endings

Fairy Tail Endings…  The Humane Society of Broward County is thrilled to have a feeding partnership with Purina, so all the dogs & cats at the shelter are fortunate to benefit from it.  We thought we would pay tribute to Purina by including them in May’s photo shoot.  The staff at HSBC saved some of the dog & cat food bags for me to create this fairy land backdrop.  I photographed in two locations, the first was outside at the base of this beautiful Poinsettia Tree that is behind the shelter.  I created the mushrooms with the bags, scrap wood that my friend sharpened on one end, bamboo skewers, & hot glue.  The mushrooms were  perfect… for my fairy land vision. Some of the dogs were very happy tucked into the roots of the tree, some sniffed every mushroom… because they smelled the food that was once inside the bags, some were shy at first.. and then there were some that just wanted to pee on them :0  I guess thats the hazard of photographing dogs outside at the base of a tree!

I hand painted a forest setting and then tossed and turned all night because I could not figure out what it was missing… I woke the morning of the photo shoot and decided to imprint ferns from my landscaping onto the forest scene.  Adding the fern prints completed the backdrop.  The second location I photographed was inside the shelter in the Cattery.  The mushrooms were shortened and pushed into styrofoam that is hidden under the forest floor (fabric)

I photographed 17 Dogs…  2 Cats…  12 Kittens… and  5 Rabbits  I only chose 10 to post that are below,  You can click on the this link to The Humane Society of Broward County to adopt and show all these sweeties a fairytale ending!

_DSC5921         _DSC6513

_DSC6402 BianKitty #550864

_DSC6020 Vance #552345

_DSC6527 Gato #548146

_DSC6038 Waffle #551653

_DSC6492 Levi #552187

_DSC6564 Shadow #90

_DSC6152 Gary #552760

_DSC6508 Ellie #530933

_DSC6444 Smores #552557

_DSC6062 Cookie #552573

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