Halloween vi·gnette

Pulling out the Halloween box this year has lost some of its anticipation, my boys appreciate the Halloween styled throughout the house, but they no longer get down and dirty decorating with me. Goldie is a different story, she had me take down the Halloween stuff two weeks ago!  We created this Halloween vignette in an alcove that contains a bar, slid out cutting board and cabinets for storage.  The vignette came together with Halloween stuff from our storage box, props pulled from around the house and brown craft paper backdrop.  I found some free printable ghostly ancestor Halloween photos that we printed out and glued them on the paper.  We painted the frames around the pictures with black acrylic paint.  The chandelier used to be painted red and it once hung in my first house in Hollywood, we painted it black wired it up and popped in flicker bulbs to simulate lit candles.  On to the mantel…

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