Hearts of Space

In the early-to-mid 80s my pre-teen bedroom was overflowing with the following decor:
From rainbow shoelaces, stickers, barrettes, corkscrew earrings to a fabric puffy rainbow wall-hanging above my bed I, along with every other girl in the sixth grade, had rainbow fever.  My love of rainbows could also be seen on my favorite sweatshirt – did you have one too?  I wore it A LOT mostly with my lavender Osh Kosh pants.
Yes! I wore lavender pants…. I guess I was channeling my inner pre-teen when I created all these rainbow hearts.  I have used them in many different projects but I love seeing them the most in my living room…  I mean seriously, doesn’t it just make you happy?
Makes me want to get on my bike with the gold glitter banana seat and rainbow tassels on the handles and ride off into the sunset. A

_DSC1728  _DSC1734 _DSC1749 _DSC1757 _DSC1759




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