HELLO spring….

Yesterday was my March photo shoot at the Humane Society of Broward County .  It all began with two vintage curtain panels I thrifted from a local Hollywood thrift shop.  I hate to brag, but I scored about 30 yards of mint condition floral fabric from the mid-sixties.  The curtains we’re custom made, and fully lined, pleated, and weighted at the bottom.  I know the average person doesn’t get so excited about curtains, but they just don’t make things like they did back in the day…  I washed and dried the fabric, being fully lined, they weighed a ton!  I took all the lining fabric off and cut away a yard to make some of the props for this styled shoot. Some of the sweetie pies below are wearing custom scarves with Vintage Pompom fringe.  I also created soft sculpture head pieces by cutting the floral design out of the fabric, then sewing and stuffing.  I then sewed them to elastic, or a couple $1 headbands.  The bunny ears were created with fused plastic bags that I folded and hot glued around a frame I made from wire hangers, they are also attached to elastic and headbands.

I plan on deconstructing the rest of the fabric panels for some new curtains and pillow shams in Goldie’s bedroom, as well as a couple custom clothing pieces 🙂   If you are interested in adopting any of these sweeties please contact  The Humane Society of Broward County  Their names and  ID # is located next to their sweet faces…. A

_DSC3482 Katrina #548984



_DSC3535 Molly #549158



_DSC3571 Susy #549843


_DSC4314 Marley #549685


_DSC3759  Luna #445504


_DSC3702 Mandy #549441

_DSC3730 Ziggy #549630

_DSC3733  Luna #445504

_DSC4286 Puffy Cat #549964

_DSC3789 Buddy #549552

_DSC3823  Trinity #548984

_DSC4188 Leo #529491

_DSC3853 Angus #549069

_DSC3906 Coco #550018

_DSC4002 Yogi & Stricker #549164 & #549165

_DSC4047 Blue #547921

_DSC4349 Cali #549946

_DSC3638 Pippin #548561

_DSC4066 Bentley #545624

_DSC4141  Crystal #471673

_DSC4145  Crystal #471673  _DSC4301  Bob #548784

_DSC4330 Tinder #548721

_DSC3668 Snow #548495


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