A Hodgepodge of Upcycled Clothes

Finding something special that’s been outgrown, handed down, thrifted, bought at a garage sale, or just taken from a dumpster makes me so happy! All of these pieces are made using upcycled or repurposed fabrics and items. I love how we can create art while doing our part to help reduce our impact on the environment. We can leave the world a better place for our kids while making them look cool at the same time!

Pictured below are some things I transformed from either thrifter finds or dumpster dives. Now available in the shop too!

Thrifted military-style jacket with applied ribbons and studs. I styled this shot with a hat inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s design from her 1982/1983 collection (Pharrell Williams wore a similar one to the Grammys).


A Harajuku t-shirt recreated into a fivestiches “cheeky” party dress with hand-embroidered asterisks. This was a hand-me-down from Donna Rion. This shot was styled with a vintage View-Master, leopard Converse sneaks and Goldie’s faux diamond show-and-tell project. And no shot would be complete without a guest appearance by our pup Princess Leia.

_DSC1776 _DSC1786

Goldie’s outgrown Frozen t-shirt made into a fivestiches Queen Elsa ice dress. This shot was styled with Goldie’s Frozen puzzle and green Converse sneaks.


Dumpster dive t-shirt turned into a fivestiches “Bollywood” dress. This shot was styled with Goldie’s karaoke machine and authentic Indian shoes gifted by Jo Boccassini.


Our “Bollywood” dress styled with a fivestiches fabric collaged cardigan. The cardigan is made from hand-dyed fabric. It includes IKEA fabric collaged leaves and flowers, and a self-tie closure with a vintage yellow button—easy closure for little hands!

_DSC1869 _DSC1861

Hand-me-down Beatles t-shirt from Anthony Alfonso made into a fivestiches “cheeky” party dress with hand embroidered worms and leaves. I styled this shot with a hat inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s design from her 1982/1983 collection, and authentic Indian sandals gifted from Jo Boccassini.

_DSC0884 _DSC1791

Our “cheeky” party dress paired with a fivestiches self-tie snail vest with vintage teal button.

_DSC1820 _DSC1822

Outgrown hand tie-dyed fabric t-shirt with vintage hankie appliqué that I made for Goldie when she was 2. Recreated into a fivestiches “cheeky” tea party dress. This shot is styled with a pop-up Alice in Wonderland book, vintage tea set and Dr. Martens floral boots (hand me downs from Stephanie Sardelli)


Some other fun photos with Goldie and Prince Leia:

_DSC0863 _DSC0844 _DSC0813

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