introducing the “Pom”

Today was a beautiful winter day… It actually looked & felt like Fall outside.  I know it doesn’t look like it, but Goldie stayed home from school because she was “sick”.  I don’t advocate playing hooky from school, but spending the day with her was so refreshing and creative having her around.  I spent the morning inventing a new hair ornament for an upcoming photo shoot.  Here’s the soft sculpture hair Pom. I made these with vintage fabric remnants. I started by using one of my 8 inch round bowls and traced circles on the fabric.  Then I cut out the circles and machine stitched a 1/8 inch folded seam around the outside of the circle.  With a needle and thread I sewed a gather stitch on the outside circle seam, then pulled the fabric to gather into a sort of ballon.  I stuffed the Poms with fiberfill and then sewed a hair tie onto it.  Take a look at these Poms.. A

_DSC2162  _DSC2179 _DSC2180




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