Living Room Style

To me, creating a comfortable and inviting space means so much more than just decorating. Every piece in the room matters. I recently rearranged this area in the living room of my 1937 Art Deco home. I wanted to create a space where anyone would feel comfortable to plop down with a book or iPad and just relax.

Before this, most of our books were stacked up in neat piles on the floor against the wall. The chaise lounge was in my bedroom and the blue cabinet was in the dining room. After a much-needed purging of our books, my son Grey helped me drag the furniture pieces to the living room, and suddenly this side of our large rectangle-shaped room came to life. The lamp, shade, artwork and pillows are my own creations.


I constantly rearrange areas in the house. It keeps me feeling creative and my home looking new and fresh. My house is a compilation of my creativity, highlighting the different ways I express myself while making a fun, comfortable home for our family!




Photography by Courtney Ortiz

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