Mermaids & Bird Inspirations

…growing up in south Florida and I just can’t believe that I have never been to Weeki Wachee Springs… If you have never been, it is such a fun one day adventure. Our summer road trip has doubled in size. We are now 3 moms with 15 kids. Get there early, so you will have the whole place to your selves, check out the link, there is 3 water slides a lazy river and the water stays crystal clear and 74 degrees all year long, we stayed all day and every single kid had a blast…


…now for the birds, here are a couple more shots from the bff photo shoot with Courtney Studios

This was such a fun look to create, it all began with a vintage shirt that I wore for many years.  I decided to cut the bird images off because it was polyester and I just cannot bring myself to wear polyester in south Florida anymore!  The images of the birds look so beautiful like they were hand painted. The whole ensemble was inspired by them.  

Let’s start with the hand dyed 1/2 shirt, fabric collaged with a camera appliqué.  Upcycled denim skirt fabric collaged with hand dyed fabric that has been cut, designed and machine stitched to create branches and leaves.  And now… last but not least.. The soft sculpture headband was also created with hand dyed fabrics that I cut, sewn and stuffed with fiber fill.  I sewed a backing to the bird image and stuffed with fiber fill, then sewed the pieces to the headband and tacked it with adhesive in a couple places.  So much bird lovin in one outfit… A





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