Overalls: Like mother like daughter

When I was 7 years old, my mom made the most amazing pair of butterfly overalls for me! On the front was a beautiful butterfly, and on the back was my name in bubble letters. They were my favorite item of clothing. I wanted to include a photo of me wearing them, so I asked my mom if she could dig one up. She said she did have a photo, but it was probably hiding in a shoebox somewhere! Things sure have changed. I carry my most treasured moments and snapshots digitally in my pocket!


My butterfly overalls were my “go-to” outfit as a child. I wore them until I was busting out! So I thought it would be great to make a similar pair for Goldie. I don’t think she loves hers as much as I loved mine, but that’s another story.



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  • Carlotta DeLucia says:

    I remember making these and you wearing them like it was yesterday! You know I always saved most of the clothes I made for you and your brother. Even when you had two boys and said you were done I never threw them away and then along came Goldie and I love to see her waring the things you wore when you her age !!

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