Owl Hair Clip

Each hair clip I make is designed with a mix of new and old vintage fabrics. My kids were off from school today, so thats a good and a bad thing when it comes to getting work done and kids wanting to participate. My daughter, Goldie, helped out with some hand sewing at the end and Grey, my son, was the photographer! Family affair! Take a look at the process of making this little owl hair clip! How adorable is it!

_DSC2780 _DSC2800 _DSC2803 _DSC2809 _DSC2817 _DSC2820 _DSC2825 _DSC2833 _DSC2834 _DSC2836 _DSC2844 _DSC2859 _DSC2875 _DSC2887 _DSC2893 _DSC2916 _DSC2931 _DSC2942

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