rocked out & patched up

It might be far-fetched to think that the embroiderer patches my Mom put on everything I owned as a kid would shape the adult I am today, but it’s impossible to deny the emotional sway the patches of my youth still have over me.  Embroidered patches are little pieces of art which were created by hand using a fabric backing thread and needle.  The art of making embroidered patches is decades old but the introduction of new high speed, computerized machines has brought a once rare, time consuming art into mass production.

I pick up patches whenever I see interesting or especially vintage ones.  I’ll even buy old jackets or bags that are patched up, because back in the day the patches were usually sewn on by hand and are easily removable.  I’ve written a couple other blog posts about all my patch shenanigans, “Bring Backpacks to life”   & “Backpacks are Back” but those have been creations for the kids…  These bags I created are for the gurlzzz!  I start with an upcycled purse or clutch….  Some of the ladies get skeeved out at the thought of using a used handbag or purse, thats why I only recreate bags that I purchase that can be cleaned and brought back to pristine condition (Oxi is my friend 🙂 I then collage the patches onto the bag using Aleene’s Tacky Glue, which is the BEST.. non-toxic, fast & clear drying glue on the market.  I keep a bottle on hand at all times because it can be used for all sorts of art/craft projects and fixes…  I know these bags are not everyones style, but… I never get very far when I’m out on the town before I’m asked about my bag..



_DSC1160_DSC1185_DSC1182 _DSC1184  _DSC1191



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