*Star Light, Star Bright*

December’s styled photo shoot at Humane Society of Broward County was for the stars…  I created fused plastic stars with upcycled plastic bags, a couple of them I stuffed with battery operated lights.  The photo studio that I photograph the animals in at the Humane Society is a tiny room, so it is easy to transform the space.  December was a fairly simple theme, I used black paper for the back drop and I installed the stars.  I have never described how I actually photograph the animals every month.  It is a group effort!  There is a group of volunteers that are titled “dog walkers”,  they volunteer at HSBC on a daily or weekly basis to take the dogs out of their cages and get them outside to walk, get some fresh air and do their business 😉  I have found that working with the dog walkers ( usually Bob & Sara ) is the smoothest way to photograph so many dogs in a 4 hour time slot.  After the dogs get out of their cages they are so excited to play, run, have a treat and get a snuggle.  If you can imagine, once they are get into the little studio its a bit chaotic.  I usually let them off their leash to smell everything and settle down to be photographed.  With the help of treats it is easy to coax some of the dogs to pose in the star installation to be photographed.  Some are not so easy, they are super excited, very scared, and shy.  These are the dogs I spend extra time with, they need some extra love and reassurance.  We (the dog walkers) and I try our best to get that special picture in hopes of getting them adopted.

Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish for you to take me home tonight..

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_DSC9974 _DSC0486

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_DSC0194 _DSC0308

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