Sweet Baby Gift

One of the things I enjoy most is making baby clothes. And I love giving baby gifts! So I couldn’t miss an opportunity to create something for my neighbor across the street, who recently gave birth to a sweet baby boy named Eli.

I prefer to focus on gender neutral colors and design when it comes to baby clothes. No pink or blue. This fivestiches fabric collage shirt was inspired by this beautiful moth. I’ve had this insect fabric for years, just waiting for the perfect creation. I am always drawn to bugs and often create neckties and hair clips with them as well. I’m deeply inspired by nature and it plays out in my fabric collage artwork and soft sculpture shades too.

_DSC1578 _DSC1579

Almost as much as I enjoy making the gift, I love wrapping it! I usually go with a natural brown paper and simple twine. I have a tendency to hoard vintage wrapping papers! And the card came from a pack of vintage postcards I thrifted. I can’t wait to see this little dude in his new shirt!

_DSC1587 _DSC1593 _DSC1595

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  • Sarah says:

    I can’t believe I JUST came across this! As the recipient of this BEAUTIFUL gift, I must say it’s the most precious thing we’ve ever recieved for little Eli. And the wrapping made it even more perfect. Thanks so much Alyssa for sharing your talent with us!
    I was on your site because we wanted to get Eli something special for his birthday later on this month!
    So thrilled to have you as a neighbor!! Xx
    Thanks again!!

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