thankful for southwest inspirations…

I’ve always had a thing for the American Southwest. I’m drawn to its bold colors and its rugged beauty.  My November mantel is pure southwest inspiration.  A collection of handmade paper Teepee’s that my kids have created throughout the years, and a few that I made for samples for an upcoming Off the Canvas  project that I’m planning was how the theme began.  I made the feather garland with fabric scraps that I ironed between a fabric fiber adhesive.  Each feather was hand cut, then sewn to the chartreuse ribbon.  The tiny potted cactus and turquoise bolo tie give the eye something to rest on.  The cow skull was a trash pile find, I love everything about natural curiosities!  I understand that art is perceived differently by different people and I’m 100% on board with that.  I never thought twice about hanging an animal skull in my living room, once I placed it there I fell madly in love with it…




_DSC9650 _DSC9647






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