Thrift Store Lamp

On one of my recent thrift store romps, I found this glass lamp base and shades at the Salvation Army Store! I knew I could make something great with these. I began the transformation by taking apart the lamp. The base was badly bent and I wasn’t able to use it after all. But fortunately I have a collection of lamp parts, continually restocked with lamps I find in garbage piles and pieces from lamps used for other projects. That’s where I found the painted wood base for this creation. I lightly sanded the black paint in areas to show some wood grain to give a bit of character. After rewiring the lamp with new hardware, I cleaned the inside of the glass base and added some shells—some from my collection and a few gifted from Manon Wiese.

The shade was a much more labor-intensive project. It’s hand-constructed with upcycled 100% cotton sheets that I hand-dyed, washed, dried and ironed. The soft sculpture sea grape leaves were constructed by ironing fabric to double-sided fusible stabilizer that was cut, designed and machine-stitched for details. The branches were cut and sewn, and then stuffed with fiber fill and floral wire. The leaves are hand-sewn to the branches, which were then sewn onto the lamp shade.

I couldn’t keep this one to myself though. I donated the lamp to be auctioned off at the Humane Society of Broward County’s upcoming “Paws on the Green” Golf Tournament!


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