“Twilight in Granny’s Scarf”

The faint smell of jasmine flower lingers on the ocean breeze that reaches the front yard of my house, that doesn’t happen very often in the middle of summer,

it smells like my Mema’s scarves…

I created these  two dresses from vintage silk scarves, they are silky and soft and light as a feather on a summer night.  When I asked my Photographer friend Barry Stock if he was interested in shooting this twilight series for me, I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into 🙂  Goldie & Charlotte were adorable,  I designed and sewed the dresses with some California vibes.   All & all we had a fun time, the light up balloons were hours of entertainment.  Fifteen hours to be exact!  The pictures at the bottom Barry shot in full darkness!














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