Upside down belt….

As a mom to a 3 year old, sometimes you just gotta let things go!  While Goldie was dressing for this impromtu photo shoot, she put her “HAPPY DAY’S” belt on herself and I did not realize until editing that she put it on upside down!  


Goldie’s “sweet threads” are a combination of a vintage denim tunic top (the tunic was mine when I was a kid!) the vintage trim belt is

fivestitches, it was made with the intentions of the child to put on themselves by simply sliding a loop over a button.

(Thank You @donnarion for teaching me many years ago… belt making 101)

Fivestitches skirt was created with an estate sale find from my photographer friend Courtney Ortiz  – check her out at courtney ortiz photography.

more to come…..Alissa



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