Vintage Teen Style

Teens today have gotten such a raw deal with clothing and styling themselves! Clothes available to them in mainstream stores are either too revealing or there’s nothing unique about them. I feel being an individual in this day and age is the way to go. As a teenager, I never cared about what other people thought about my style. I just loved wearing what I thought was cool and comfortable!

I recently got the opportunity to style and shoot an amazing local teen, Rose Petals. She’s a budding artist, a long boarder, and loves vintage clothing! I styled her in the most amazing vintage bathing suit I thrifted a while ago. It’s made of a twill cotton and the very small label inside says: “Made in Hawaii.”




Rose works in a bunch of different mediums, including painting, sewing, and making ceramics and jewelry. She’s currently building her portfolio for high school. Follow Rose on Instagram @rosepetalswiese.

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